IMG 2674  The Red River, from the front yard of Bridgeview Bed and Breakfast ... just warming up! IMG 2675  Our leader, Rob ... our happy guy Robby ... and Granite. (Whoops, Garnet LOL) IMG 2678  Yes, that is a Channel Catfish. Now you know why we love this trip! IMG 2680  Bad photo, pretty baby!
IMG 2681  Yeah, yeah ... I caught his cousin. The shrimp was bigger than he was. IMG 2682  Garnet was tickled ... he beat Robby and I. IMG 2686  Oh oh ... Cap'n Rob is at it. (Look again, cause he gets relegated to the "netting guy" as we move along!) IMG 2690  Yep, that's a cat .... but still not there. Warming up.
IMG 2692  No, I am not exercising ... I am playing catch with the fish and he is winning. IMG 2694  Better ... IMG 2696  Fish on! Notice the concentration ... IMG 2701  On this one, the fish is running ... Jeff is trying to hang on ... Tyler is still waking up ... and Robby is playing with his bait.
IMG 2702  Tyler is still waking up ...Jeff is determined ... Robby is finding humour ... Garnet is trying to knock the fish off Jeff's line. IMG 2704  Jeff is happy ... Tyler is STILL trying to open his eyes ... Robby got his bait in the water ... and Garnet can't believe the fish landed in the net! IMG 2706  Fish in boat ... everyone happy! IMG 2707  Jeff landed one, Robby happy for him ... Tyler thinking if I hook one of those I go over board .... Garnet still can't believe he allowed the fish to get into his net!
IMG 2708  Measure ... IMG 2710  Picture ... IMG 2711  Admire ... IMG 2714  Picture ...
IMG 2715  Release. That is a trip, folks! IMG 2720  Start again ... Tyler has a bite! Garnet is going "No way ..." IMG 2721  Oh yeah ... fish on! IMG 2727  Garnet is ready ... to catch Tyler or the fish ... one or the other is going to win!
IMG 2729  Those smiles say everything ... but where the butt of the rod connects to Tyler, well that just hurts. IMG 2731  "I'll knock this fish off, darn 'et " ... so says Garnet! IMG 2732  ... and he does. That was the last we saw of that fish! (Seriously, Garnet wanted to land that as much as we all did ... but stuff happens) IMG 2741  Meet Linden. Came, saw and conquered as you will see. Good fish ... but just a warm up!
IMG 2744  Making the plan ... strategy IMG 2748  Whoo ... that's a good one ... IMG 2755  Well, Captain Rob couldn't land the beast 'cause he had to man the net. (That's what we are saying anyway ... ). Linden appears to be dragging one in. IMG 2757  In the net! That's a caged cat!
IMG 2760  No happy here! IMG 2762  ... what!!! Another ... sheesh! IMG 2768  ... mmm ... that's one way to hold him I guess ... LOL IMG 2770  Getting a grip ...
IMG 2772  ... not to brag, but 31 pounds 6 ounces ... the crazy look is what I have right before heart attack ... lol IMG 2781  ... Then Linden does this, a 27 pound monster but I think the scale weighed low ... you will see! IMG 2782  ... because this bad boy is big. Took us an hour to retrieve Linden's arm! IMG 2784  ... but we did. Congrats on a terrific Channel Cat!
IMG 2785  No happy here! IMG 2786  Our wonderful host Louise from Bridgeview Bed and Breakfast. Trying to explain to Captain Rob how to catch a catfish. Didn't help. IMG 2791  From the water, a beautiful place to stay ... and if you obey the rules, (which are just common sense and decency), you are in for a truly "Friendly Manitoba Experience" ... Six Star Accomodations! IMG 2796  A tour up the cannel ... dredging machine on left
IMG 2802  ... just an old dock. I wonder what stories it has to tell. IMG 2803  We passed on this one ... but Captain Rob did take a second look! IMG 2806  Just an old paddle boat thingy ... IMG 2807  Whoops ...guess the Captain of this boat didn't see it coming ... wrong channel.
IMG 2812  ... if our shop was bigger ... hmmm IMG 2817  ... another look, but still no. IMG 2825  Headin' home